Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sony Xperia Z Ultra the most notable, configure, monitor, utility use?

Sony Xperia Z Ultra shortly after its introduction in late June, phones super large screen, Xperia Z Ultra has received the immediate attention of the user. As the first phones using Qualcomm's platform SnapDragon800, Sony Xperia Z Ultra to be paying attention to it more by factors such as design, screen, camera, usability. Despite the end of August or early September new release, Xperia Z Ultra is still a hotly debated topic in the forum lately. This article summarizes the highlights and analysis, to answer questions related.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra contoured edge design is nothing special
The same applies to the design language of Xperia Z is OmniBalance, however Sony has listened to the complaints from users Xperia Z version to improve this design better.
Xperia Z Ultra you'll feel better grip the edges are no longer co-designed the square edges 90 degrees again, but instead it is designed as slanted shape. When holding hands, Ultra Z Xperia feels more comfortable holding, no sore hands by the sides of the square, Xperia Z. This design Sony has never applied to a model of the firm, XperiaZR even though this model has similarities decorative borders.
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