Friday, July 26, 2013

Asha 501 Review: common phone platform Nokia's new

Asha 501 Review: common phone platform Nokia's new
After many years of loyalty to the Series 40 platform across multiple versions, Nokia has decided to renew Asha line with the introduction of model 501 in some selected markets. With the popularization of cheap Android phones, Nokia was forced to put out a new product line that competes strongly with a good price, because they know that they can hardly create a new Lumia 520 to sell for $ 200 cheaper. Asha 501 is a new option for the user interface has been known of MeeGo (N9) with many of the basic features are integrated. It has a compact design, capacitive touch screen with a smooth interface, and supports two SIM slots with a hot-swappable slots while.

Asha 501 Review Design
According to mainstream touchscreen phone today, Asha 501 has a simple style with just a keyboard
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