Saturday, July 13, 2013

Guide to download and install the iOS Control Center 7 on Android, turn off the connection and convenient app launch

When announcing iOS 7, Apple has introduced a new feature for its operating system called the Control Center. This is the area that allows us to quickly turn off the connection used, adjust brightness, volume and launch a number of applications. Now, the developers at Hi Tools Studio has been this feature on the Android interface, function and manner of operation is similar to the iOS 7. After you install Android into the Control Center, you can activate it by dragging from the top edge of the screen, no matter whether you're at the main screen, lock screen or application is used. You can also adjust the size of the active area Control Center according to their preferences. Right now you can download the free Control Center on Google Play Store.

Control Center is more convenient than Quick Settings default Android 4.2 and Quick Settings Notification
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