Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mobile device charger battery Limeade Blast 'crisis' 18.000mAh, efficiency up to 90%

If you have design ideas and a business device but lacks technology investment, then go for funding is probably the fastest way to realize it, provided you have the ability to persuade people people spend money on you. is a channel to obtain such financing, this site has only been established since 2009, but it has attracted more than 3 million people around the world to invest half a billion dollars (500 million USD) for approximately 35,000 large and small projects. Among them may be mentioned the staff made redundant battery chargers called Limeade Blast Boulder group. CO, with a capacity of up to 18.000mAh that you're referring to.

With this huge number, it is one of those portable battery charger "quality" owns more capacity on the market today. For comparison, the theoretical 18.000mAh can fully charge the iPad 3 has 1 member and 1
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