Monday, October 7, 2013

Sharp introduces SHL22 Phone screen 4 "9 IGZO, 3080mAh battery, 13MP camera

Sharp recently introduced the launch of phones running Android 4.2 Aquos Phone line in support of KDDI au group in Japan called SHL22. Smartphone running the up-to-the-minute Android Jelly Bean Sharp IGZO screen know-how future, high-capacity battery, 13MP camera with f/1.9 aperture lens and dead set against to fill up and dust. The Japanese phones are interminably more high-tech applications and SHL22 is individual such device, the robot will start advertising in Japan on 12/7 at this juncture.

Motorola Droid Ultra will use screen about 5 "Full-HD resolution, 800 Snapdragon chip, 2GB RAM?

Unlockr call recently to placement pictures of the Droid Ultra writing (XT1080) intended for Verizon, lone of the products with the intention of Motorola is preparing to introduce. Just with a only some previously leaked images, Ultra Droid does not purpose virtual function keys like the Droid line 2012 anymore, but switched to using the contact the ivories.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Firmware (14.1.B.0.438) certified Android 4.2. 2, the first Xperia Z Ultra version C6802, XL39h, preparing to sell out?


Recently, the Xperia Z Ultra has contemporary firmware certified by PTCRB place. Firmware (14.1.B.0.438) is likely to machine 4.2 .. 2, using both HSPA networks using version 2 (C6802, XL39h).

BlackBerry A10 will use Super AMOLED screen 5 ", the most powerful ever, more photos 9720

BlackBerry Z10 (pictured) about to be replaced by BlackBerry A10?

According to unfailing sources of BGR spot, in the support partially of this day will launch the BlackBerry codenamed A10 "Aristo". This is the the majority powerful BlackBerry eternally and will focus on doling out power and gaming capabilities. Accordingly, the A10 will be equipped with screens up to 5 ", several more than several BlackBerry to go out with and on par with high-end Android smartphone. Known BlackBerry will select to custom Super AMOLED screen instead of A10 to schedule obstacle with yellowish color of AMOLED screens are used in Q10. Layer and the completion of the shell is too burden well and more refined than preceding products. Look will air similarities with Samsung Galaxy S4, but the direction was superior and stronger boards.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

HTC Butterfly S started being sold in the U.S., $ 770 international version, no network lock

Introduced end month in Taiwan, HTC Butterfly S is an upgrade of the Butterfly design configuration unchanged but has been upgraded to 600 Snapdragon clocked by the side of 1.9GHz, 2020mAh battery, the playing field is up to 3200mAh scope. Machine still depletion screen 5 "Full-HD tenacity, 2GB RAM, 16GB home remembrance, but the camera is the same HTC One 4MP sensor comes Ultrapixel imageCHIP 2 CPU. International Version of the HTC Butterfly S began to be sold in the U.S. Sell with the lowest value is $ 770 through distribution channels Negri Electronics.

Chrome browser for Android update 28: self service web page, full-screen support for tablets

The vehicle detect the language and translate (left), the graph representing the saved folio (right) on Chrome 28

Google at the moment officially Chrome designed for Android updated to version 28, with a very fascinating newborn skin such as automatic maze folio translation. When you visit a folio with printed language is not the same with the default language of the routine, Chrome will put on show a small message asking whether you desire to proceed through Google Translate service or not.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

(Guide) remedy treatment, repairs Sony Xperia phones water into inside machine / disclosed by Sony Mobile

Sony Mobile

To churn out a waterproof Xperia not simply sealed back cover with the purpose of too comes with many test phases, intricate durable by special technology, and of way not to revise the This classical is not clean next to all. If you take it sour by laborer, at that moment 100% of the automaton what time you use instead the hose down will spill into.