Thursday, October 3, 2013

Chrome browser for Android update 28: self service web page, full-screen support for tablets

The vehicle detect the language and translate (left), the graph representing the saved folio (right) on Chrome 28

Google at the moment officially Chrome designed for Android updated to version 28, with a very fascinating newborn skin such as automatic maze folio translation. When you visit a folio with printed language is not the same with the default language of the routine, Chrome will put on show a small message asking whether you desire to proceed through Google Translate service or not. The identity of the maze language will be prepared by design, so we resolve not exhibit to manually resolve everything not including click on "Services". Also in the Chrome 28, the browser nowadays ropes browsing mode designed for full-screen Android tablet by hitting the adopt keep out at what time scrolling down (Chrome 27, the browser fullscreen acceptable on smartphones). These two skin exhibit been presented in Chrome 28 Beta version launched in May.

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