Thursday, October 3, 2013

HTC Butterfly S started being sold in the U.S., $ 770 international version, no network lock

Introduced end month in Taiwan, HTC Butterfly S is an upgrade of the Butterfly design configuration unchanged but has been upgraded to 600 Snapdragon clocked by the side of 1.9GHz, 2020mAh battery, the playing field is up to 3200mAh scope. Machine still depletion screen 5 "Full-HD tenacity, 2GB RAM, 16GB home remembrance, but the camera is the same HTC One 4MP sensor comes Ultrapixel imageCHIP 2 CPU. International Version of the HTC Butterfly S began to be sold in the U.S. Sell with the lowest value is $ 770 through distribution channels Negri Electronics.
Overseas Electronics is and existing with 4 flag of black, drab, white, red, but top prices, up to $ 850. Currently nearby is nix in turn approximately whether Butterfly S is dispersed through the interact of the United States or not, as previously Butterfly sold through Verizon Droid called gene.

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