Monday, October 7, 2013

Motorola Droid Ultra will use screen about 5 "Full-HD resolution, 800 Snapdragon chip, 2GB RAM?

Unlockr call recently to placement pictures of the Droid Ultra writing (XT1080) intended for Verizon, lone of the products with the intention of Motorola is preparing to introduce. Just with a only some previously leaked images, Ultra Droid does not purpose virtual function keys like the Droid line 2012 anymore, but switched to using the contact the ivories. Logo of Motorola and Verizon are bringing dated the back of the device. The source adds with the intention of the Droid Ultra will purpose 10 megapixel sensor "RGBC". Perhaps sensing this is "Clear Pixel" help upsurge the camera's sensitivity to light since of the existence of a panchromatic pixel (Clear pixels) then to the red pixels, blue, and olive (RGB) habitual. This tools as well is probable to appear on the Moto X and at the end of the day all of the Motorola smartphone.

Unlockr Droid Ultra revealed with the intention of here will be three insignia: White, red and black. The back of the engine might as well be made ​​of high-strength Kevlar related to the Droid born in 2012. Also Ultra Droid, Verizon and

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