Sunday, October 6, 2013

BlackBerry A10 will use Super AMOLED screen 5 ", the most powerful ever, more photos 9720

BlackBerry Z10 (pictured) about to be replaced by BlackBerry A10?

According to unfailing sources of BGR spot, in the support partially of this day will launch the BlackBerry codenamed A10 "Aristo". This is the the majority powerful BlackBerry eternally and will focus on doling out power and gaming capabilities. Accordingly, the A10 will be equipped with screens up to 5 ", several more than several BlackBerry to go out with and on par with high-end Android smartphone. Known BlackBerry will select to custom Super AMOLED screen instead of A10 to schedule obstacle with yellowish color of AMOLED screens are used in Q10. Layer and the completion of the shell is too burden well and more refined than preceding products. Look will air similarities with Samsung Galaxy S4, but the direction was superior and stronger boards.

The source too revealed with the purpose of the A10 will gain 2GB of RAM, dual-core CPU and GPU "separation". Explain why BlackBerry is not spent four chips instead of its products, the company sources held concerns a propos

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