Saturday, September 28, 2013

Check if your Android phone has been repaired security key "Master Key" yet? with Bluebox app

Bluebox app

Few days in the past the company Bluebox Labs announced a four-year-old security flaws in Android tolerate the aptitude to affect 99% of procedure running this OS. This fault is allied to overcoming basic applications to install malware on the user's android, it is common as the "Master Key". Now, Bluebox has provided a small tool to help bare if our android has been patched or not. Fashionable addition, this treatment has the aptitude to let somebody know whether the app is intended to exploit "Master Key" to endanger smartphone, your tablet. Based on this, you possibly will decide to remove the malicious app from the android while waiting updates from the manufacturer. Download and install the tool Bluebox at this point. The Google and incorrigible so as to it has finished patching security vulnerabilities and updates are sent to the hardware manufacturers to distribute them to users.

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